Wake Up Call

She wakes happy and cheerful and bright and chattery.

He wakes yeowly and growly and snarling at all things joyful.

She chirps at him brightly.

He mumbles and growls.

She gets even more cheerful and bright and fills the room with silliness.

He mumbles, growls and gives her that look.

She calms him with a gentle touch, a kiss on the forehead and, finally, a hug. Then she points at the bed and says, “Would you please get back in there for a moment and then climb out on the other side?”

His brows draw together. Storm clouds gather. Then he looks into her sparkling, laughter-filled eyes and almost smiles. He gives her a gentle squeeze and kisses her cheek. After, his heavy footed silence continues, but the storm clouds over his head dissipate. Soon he will morph back into the charming Amoeba she loves.


  1. Oh, now this sounds EXACTLY like my house!!! LOL!

    Luz and I spent the day at “the beach” yesterday. Ours is a very SMALL beach – with very SMALL waves… but she had BIG fun! I told her when I take her to the BIG beach in June, she will have HUMONGOUS fun!!!

  2. Nah, Love — we go through this daily, though usually less cloudy since you wake before I.

    Melli — don’t tell O’Ceallaigh, but I love him even when he’s grumpy.

    And, if you want Luz to really have fun, I’d suggest a lovely Hawaiian beach.

    Polona — for OC that’s ALL mornings.

  3. Mumma — I hope you don’t look the same as well. Yikes!

    Bazza — me, too!

    Jill — because, according to this story, there was another SHE, and we all know that two — especially two too close together — is a very bad idea.

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