She Says It’s Her Birthday

Those of you who have been following this blog for awhile might remember April 2007, when He had just a little bit of trouble with this celebration.

Firstly, he managed to get Quilly’s birthday proclaimed all over Doug’s site. One day too soon. Then, he announced it at his own place (this blog didn’t exist yet), likewise a day too soon, mainly because he knew he’d be spending the real day in planes, trains and automobiles. Only to cover the birthday post with another one a few hours later.

Yeah, He was pretty clueless. But surely you know that by now. He certainly does. She’s sitting beside him now, helping him remember. Frequently. Men!

He’s certainly not clueless enough to mention her age. But both He and She are fond of Bill Cosby, and are in the process of (re)collecting most of his recordings of standup comedy. Including the one with the big number on it.


He was going to say she’s a saint, what with her church work, and her daily efforts with the pre-K kids here on the less-than-well-to-do side of O‘ahu, and her blogging stuff, including all the camera work she’s been doing lately. Not to mention putting up with his errors of omission and commission. But that gives her no right to cannonize him! No, wait, that’s Canon-ize. Put that thing down!

Would you please help me wish beautiful Quilldancer a happy birthday, by leaving a comment here or on her site, or both?

Happy birthday, love.


  1. Absoluuuuuuuutely! I WILL! I WILL!!!


    Ohhhhhhhh girl! You just go on ahead and have yourself a WONDERFUL day!

    (and OC – you just go on ahead and make up for all the mistakes of the prior year!) ROFL!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Quilly!

    I almost wished it to you 2-days early… but firgured it out before hitting “Submit Comment”. Your birthday is such an event no one can wait patiently for it!

    I love the [not horribly old] Cosby stand-up albums! “Honestly officer, this tree jumped out and bit my car!”

  3. ah, of course… happy birthday quilly and may the year ahead be your best ever!!!

    oh, and i hope you make good use of that fabulous table 😉

  4. Melli — guess what they did for my birthday at work.

    Brian — loot? Describe loot.

    Morgan — if it weren’t for all of my wonderful blog friends I’d be feeling pretty sad about now.

    Polona — it’ll have to work to top this past year!

  5. Cooper — the things which grow only grow because I live with a botanist!

    I Forgot — I can’t forget your birthday since I don’t know when it is!

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