Posted by: The Amoeba | July 12, 2008

Ladybug’s Got The Blues – Even In Hawai’i

As those of you who are among Quilly’s legion of fans surely know, she’s mostly been letting her camera do the talking lately. Fortunately, not literally. You know, like the cars from a few years ago that would get into a smash and lie by the side of the road, steaming and smoking and reciting over and over, “… your door is ajar … your door is ajar …”? I never got strawberry jam out of an automobile. Any part of one. Including the door. Where was I? Right. Quilly’s too good a soul ever to put me into a situation where I would have to express my inner Dalek upon her photographic instruments. Not to mention that she might ex-ter-min-ate me if I tried.

Anyway. Her current task is to come up with images that meet the criteria for something called Project Black. So She drags out this picture:

Curinus coeruleus, dark blue ladybug

She: “Can I use it?”

He: “No.”

She: “Why not?”

He: “You really wish to give your readers my finger? Even if you are, I’m not.”

She: “I’m not interested in your finger. I’m interested in the bug on your finger!”

He: “So you’re trying to tell your legions of fans that I bug you?”

She: “I’m trying to tell my legion of fans that the bug is black!

He: “No it isn’t. It’s blue.”

She: “It’s black.”

He: “It’s blue. Here. See for yourself.”

She: “Sure looks black.”

He: “Looks can be deceiving. Even with your camera.”

She: “What is it, anyway?”

Curinus coeruleus, dark blue ladybug

Curinus coeruleus, dark blue ladybug

He: “It’s a ladybug.”

She: “Not. Ladybugs have red backs with black spots.”

He: “Not this one. It’s got da blues, real bad.”

She: “Weird. Does that mean it’s native to Hawai‘i?”

He: “Would you believe Mexico, 99?”

She: “Don’t get smart with me. How’d it get here from Mexico?”

He: “On account of the little old lady.”

She: “What little old lady? Careful how you answer that.”

He: “You’re safe. Unless you’ve swallowed a fly lately.”

She: “I sure hope not. What does that have to do with black ladybugs?”

He: “Blue ladybugs. Well, some thousands of years ago, the little old lady that is Hawai‘i got coconut trees. Then, about a century ago, the coconut trees got mealybugs. So the haole agriculture agents brought in the blue ladybugs to catch the coconut tree mealybugs. I don’t know if anyone’s brought in anything to catch the ladybugs. Yet. She swallowed the bird to catch the spider; she swallowed the spider to catch the fly, I don’t know why she swallowed the fly …

She: “I’m gonna die if I don’t get something for my Project Black post! And isn’t there any native wildlife on O‘ahu any more?”

He: “There’s always the centipedes“.

She: “Uhm, never mind.”

Aloha, OC



  1. ah, so that’s what happened to the ‘black’ bug.
    delightful story 😉

  2. […] detour, humor | Tags: OC | by Quilly My Project Black #4 post was supposed to be a marvelous and mysterious little black bug, but O’Ceallaigh stole it and took it here.  For the Project Black #4 post he allowed me to […]

  3. You have too gotten strawberry jam from the car — when you helped me carry the groceries into the house!

  4. You sure know a lot, OC. I’m glad Quilly finds that charming.

  5. Just cruel! It sure did LOOK black… till you pointed out it was blue. Then it looked blue.

    Cute little critter though. Never seen a ladybird / ladybug other than the red with black spots on – you learn something new every day!

  6. What can I say? I like being a fly on your walls.


  7. Doug — having your own personal reference library is a very handy thing.

    Cath — OC is an education. HE keeps me thinking and on my toes.

    Brian — careful. OC swats flies. Spiders are catch and release.

  8. Does OC know everything?

    Congrats on being togethere for a year! Wowza.

  9. Is a Nene part black? Or will OC say that what I think is black is grey or brown, or…..

  10. TLP — Nene are black and white for the most part. Even if OC were to try to tell you otherwise — which he wouldn’t — wikipedia, the current authority on everything, says they’re black and white. So relax.

    You might want to try popping by my blog on Mondays for the Punny Photo contest.

  11. Haven’t you heard? Blue is the new black.

  12. Nessa! where were you when I needed you?!

  13. dunno ’bout anyone else, but me is thinking that there’s two peeps who need to get thesselves a private room.


  14. Hon? Why does Sauerkraut say you need a private room? Is there something about you and this lady bug I need to know?

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