Fowl Lunch / A Nightcap

They were sitting together at the table, compatibly munching sandwiches and chips. Suddenly He looks up and says, “I know why they don’t serve turkey sandwiches in China!”

“Oh?” She responded, wondering what convoluted path his brain has been meandering down this time. “Why?”

“Well,” He said, “They already have Peking Duck. They don’t need Peking Tom.”


Later, they were coming home from a gig, and She was weary. As they pulled into the driveway, She stirred and, to bring herself back into the world, said, “Wake up”.

He offered, “Sorry, but I need a bowl.”

That startled Her. “What?”

He explained. “A cup just isn’t going to do it.”


  1. OC — listen, love, you can’t go changing the punchline now!

    Polona — some days our house is a contual grown fest.

    Cath — if the word “crazy” wasn’t part of your name, I might feel more relieved to learn there are others like us. 😉

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