Posted by: The Amoeba | August 7, 2008


She sat him down to breakfast on a sunny Wai‘anae morning and handed him a drink.

“Here’s a nice tall glass of Vitamin C.”

He: “Oh? You got me carrot juice this morning?”

She:Carrot juice? You mean you’d drink it? This is orange juice!”

He: “So it is. Well, that’s senseless.”

She: “I beg your pardon?”

He: “Dear, everybody knows that carrot juice is good for your eyes. That’s gotta mean it’s got vitamin C. Or it would if the names we have for things made any sense.”

She: “I sense that I should be afraid to ask this, but … what if they did?”

He: “Well, then you’d have Vitamin Hear, and Vitamin Taste, and Vitamin Touch, and …”

She: “Smell the coffee, love. Didn’t you say you were late for work?”



  1. ah, brilliant! 😀

  2. I like your posts and I really like the He said, She said posts you both do. 🙂

  3. Too much acid in orange juice anyway.

  4. AHA!!! I knew it! OC … blogging is an addiction! And you two are just tooooooooo cute! (there IS a 12 step program … but stay away from it, please!)

  5. Thanks, Polona. You did bring your sunglasses …?

    Thanks to you, too, AmberStar. That conversation (slightly edited) really did take place. No one’s bundled us into a wagon and taken us to the local clinic. Yet.

    Brian, I have a colleague who refuses to drink it for that very reason. Exit issues …

    Melli, that’s why I don’t even try to post daily, and don’t come visiting, sorry. The B stuff has to be tightly rationed, or else. Now, if blogging paid the bills …

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