But Does It Soften Hands?

He and She were (once again) driving to Honolulu on a sunny weekday morning. In a car that did not yet have its 25-foot steel beams installed. It also did not yet have a working battery installed, or … another time. He was grumbling about that, and SUVs being driven like Corvettes, and vice-presidential candidates, and debates that never end – and then he turned to Her:

He: Did you know you are my joy?

She: No; I didn’t know that you had any joy.

He: Well, now that you mention it, no. Not since we switched to using the dishwasher.

She: The dishwasher?

He: Glad to get rid of that stuff, in fact. Worked fine on the pots and pans, but smelled iffy, and tasted terrible.

She: I always preferred Dawn myself. Speaking of Sarah Palin …

He: Please don’t!

She (ignoring the interruption): … how come these dishwashing soaps all have girl’s names? Joy, Dawn, Dove … how come none of them have boy’s names?

He: You really would buy a dishwashing liquid called Seymour?

She: I don’t want to see more dishes!

He: Thought not. OK, how about this one?

She: Yes?

He: Ralph!!

She: Ewwww …

   – O Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2008 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.


  1. I’ve always thought that Dawn should use “It’s always darkest before the Dawn” as their slogan.

    Ok, not always. But it did just occur to me. It makes more sense than that thing about getting grease out of your way.

  2. How about Gene? Clean Gene?

    Clean Gene is a man’s soap! Not for use by women! So guys, get your hands into some real suds! Use Gene’s.

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