As if the current economic news, plus the 4-hour daily commute to work for both of us, wasn’t enough to explain why neither of us has been blogging lately, now there’s this.

Quilly’s computer has died. Again.

This time it looks like the DC power jack. A $5 part that will probably take $500 to replace. ‘Cause the repairers will insist on replacing the motherboard along with the jack. If they don’t insist on replacing the whole computer.

Or maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll be relearning the lost Depression-era art of cheap repairs, so they can take whatever customers they can get. They sure as hell will be, if they’re watching the news, and the markets, like the rest of us.



  1. There is almost never a reason to replace the motherboard. For $100, there are any number of places which will do this fix without replacing it. Just do a search for “DC Power Jack Repair” or something similar.

    If she cannot get to it immediately, put the laptop up and don’t touch it. The cheap repair can be done as long as it hasn’t already broken off. The reason is because if it breaks off, it’s likely to break other pieces off with it. As long as it’s only wobbly, it can be repaired (although the big box stores are less likely to do so).

    And if you know how to do soldering, you can do it yourself. I sent some instructions to her email, though I understand that it sounds like a big, scary procedure. I can’t tell you whether I would personally try it, but after reading the instructions I sent, I’d definitely pop my computer open and look at it to see if it looks like I could handle it. But if she decides that’s more than she wants to tackle, I would say that there’s no reason to replace the motherboard. If you’re going to go that far, just replace the computer and avoid that brand.

  2. One potential problem, IG. I looked online for a replacement jack that fit her computer model. After scanning literally dozens of jacks and hundreds of models, I found none that fit her machine. We do have some reasonably well-recommended computer repairers here, we can only see what if anything they can do for us.

  3. OC, email me the computer model and model number (probably located on a sticker on the bottom). I’ve found stranger things than that, I have all day to look, and another pair of eyes looking for it can’t hurt.

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