Homeland Insecurity

They had stopped for a quick bite to eat after a concert. As they were leaving, She saw this sculpture and read the sign underneath it …

“Koko Marina.”

He: “Yeah. I don’t know how they get away with it.”

She: “Get away with what?

He: “Marina. Always it’s marina. You never hear about an armia. It can’t be good for morale. The Marines are always lording it over the Army as it is.”

She: “You never hear of a navia either.”

He: “Doesn’t count. The Marines are still part of the Navy. Don’t know how they stand it. The Air Force got split out of the Army years ago. You’d’a thought the Marines would have earned their service independence too, by now. But, no.”

She: “But the Army still has an air force. So does the navy!”

He: “They call it Naval Aviation, dear. But don’t ask me why. Has to be embarrassing.”

She:Embarrassing? Why would …”

He: “Just think about it. All those belly buttons flittin’ around. Who’re you calling?”

She: “The Coast Guard.”

He: “The Coast Guard?

She: “Yes, the Coast Guard. If I’m going to get assaulted, it’s going to be from the deck of a rescue boat.”

He:You need rescuing? Fine. I’ll bring the pepper.”

– O’Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2008 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.


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