Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Sorry ’bout That, Baby New Year)

The forecast for O‘ahu, 31 December 2008:

Mostly cloudy with scattered showers and chance of thunderstorms. Areas of smoke in the late evening and early morning.

Last year at this time, Quilly and I marveled at how the good citizens of the 50th state celebrate New Year’s Eve, not with a ball, but with a BOOOOM!

Little did we know that there would be so much flash powder going off that the smoke would show up on satellite images.

Not to mention our neighborhood. Where the sheer abundance of skyrockets and candles should make for a gorgeous display. Except that we can’t see them through the smoke. And we can’t hear them for all the car alarms that they’re setting off.

Well, that’s not entirely true. The ones that nearly knocked out the window glass we heard felt just fine.

Let’s face it. Tonight’s not a good night to be in Hawai‘i with asthma.

Or post-traumatic stress disorder.

I understand that the U. S. Army is chronically short of recruits. Makes me wonder how well all these New Year’s pyromaniacs (or the July 4th ones, for that matter) would do with a rifle, a twenty-pound pack, and a drill sergeant.



Happy New Year to all of you anyway. May you breathe easier in 2009.

  O Ceallaigh
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All opinions expressed are mine, as a private citizen.


  1. Dude….Happy New Year and I wouldn’t have thought there would be so many fireworks there. Here we have to worry about those who fire their pistols in the air. I guess they think the bullets disappear into another universe..if they think at all. Anyway, Happy New Year. Enjoyed the Smoke Gets In Your Eyes you tube…it was very pleasant this morning.

  2. no fireworks here cuz the wind was too gusty. but it is snowing (do you miss the snow yet?).

    happy new year and hope you had plenty of helpings of rotted german-prepped cabbage. brings good luck, yanno.

    and helps with that hangover.

  3. Quilly, gesundheit! Quilly? Quilly?!?

    Amber, some people take the idea of starting the New Year off with a blank slate just a tad too literally. Eh?

    Kitty, thank you, but I’ll trust my luck on rabbit kebabs, I think.

    And the only place I ever wish to see snow again is on a postcard. If it makes you feel any better, Hawaii has been under Winter Storm Warnings several times already this season. For sure, these have been for elevations above 14,000 feet, but what’s a little difference in altitude among friends?

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