He: So you’re going out to the Leeward side of O‘ahu today?

She: I was. But I might have trouble getting there.

He: For why?

She: The road’s closed. There’s been an accident. A bad one. And you know what that means.

He: Yeah. Tragedies for families. And nobody else out there is moving an inch.

She: Well, maybe it’s not so bad. The crash happened near this bridge to nowhere, which they opened, so traffic is moving.

He: You mean the one they show in the news story? Using your pictures?

She: WHAT?!?

He: They used your pictures of the bridge!

She: I thought they looked familiar …

He: Well, now you’ve got a story to tell your photography class. Quill Pen Photos Make Local News. At least the TV station gave you a credit. But I’m sure your instructor will be using this little episode to tell you all about something even better.

She: What?

He: A check.

PS (11 PM HST, 24 Jan.): Quilly’s pictures were only up on the KGMB News site for a few hours. So if you haven’t gone looking yet, don’t bother. If you have and wondered what happened, well, now you know. Presumably, as soon as the TV station got their own news people on the scene, they got and used their own photos. I just hope the word check didn’t scare them away from dear Q …


  1. Actually, the instructor HAS been talking about checks — and how WE can earn them — after we complete all four of his current photography courses.

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