Posted by: The Amoeba | March 9, 2009

One More Straw …

I made a mistake this morning. A big mistake.

I rebooted my computer.

The software updaters were screaming at me, and I got sick of them doing so, so I succumbed. At least the updaters worked, and the Mac rebooted normally. Don’t ask me about my recent experiences with Windows machines. Don’t.

But the mistake had nothing to do with the updates. It’s what happened after.

As per usual, rebooting the computer logs one off WordPress. So I had to go back to the WordPress homepage and log back in.

And while I was logging in, I saw this at the top of the “Hawt Posts” column. A blog quoting the “lone conservative” columnist at the Boston Globe, asking “where’s the global warming“.

Yes, yes, I’ve made that joke too, when I lived in New England in January and it was snowing a blizzard and the temperature was below zero. “Global what?” And it has been cold this winter in North America.

But the climate scientists (Jeff Masters, to name one of the more public “real” [as opposed to gloryhounding] ones) understand that a warming atmosphere is a more turbulent atmosphere, and a more turbulent atmosphere is subject to greater extremes.

Right now, the polar bears in Siberia are thinking they all got shipped to Hawai‘i.

As I’ve written on this site a couple of times already, the scientists who are active in studying climate change, as are scientists in every other branch of the discipline, are not interested in defending a point of view. In fact, their survival as scientists depends on their not defending a point of view; it depends on whether their point of view survives their own vicious attacks. As with evolution, global warming is said to be taking place, and taking place as a result of human activities, not because somebody’s trying to prove it right but because the scientists themselves cannot prove it wrong.

I daresay that they, like me, would love to be able to publish a series of studies that will show the whole global warming thing to be a mistake. So they can drive to work without desperate pangs of guilt. The way I don’t, anymore, because I accept the massive amounts of data from everywhere around the world that fail to falsify anthropogenic global warming, and because I accept it, I have no business contributing to it with car exhaust. Not that I can afford a car, or the fuel to put in it, anyway.

Life on earth, including human life, evolved from ancient single-celled ancestors billions of years ago. This statement cannot be falsified. Moreover, predictions based on this statement work. Its “null” (life was created recently by a divine agency) can and has been falsified, and predictions based on it do not work.

The temperature of the Earth’s oceans and atmospheres is climbing, largely as the result of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere by human activities. This statement cannot be falsified. Moreover, predictions based on this statement work. Including predictions that call for locally cold winters and minor global variations in temperature from year to year. The “null” (the temperature isn’t rising, and even if it is, humans have nothing to do with it) can and has been falsified, and predictions based on it do not work.

Big fat hairy fucking deal.

The argument long ago ceased to be about data. Truths established by rigorous, even savage (you think mixed martial arts is tough, you should try a scientific meeting sometime) critiques get shouted down by glib pundits who will tell you that white is black if it makes them a profit, Mr. Limbaugh. Case in point. This blog entry might get two comments and maybe a dozen or so hits before it dies an ignoble death in a day or two. The “what global warming” blog has, at last count, 144 comments (it adds a dozen an hour), practically all of them in the kill those goddamned commie fucking global warming bastards vein. To wit:

The greatest minds of the country could tomorrow declare that global warming/climate change alarmism is a hoax and it wouldn’t change a thing [because the socialists are using the hoax to take over the world]. Over the next three years look for thousands of windmills to sprout from every hilltop, for every state to adopt “climate change” legislation, and for every politician to scramble to insure that they can “weather” the storm of change that is sweeping the nation.

In three years it will be 2012, and the tide will turn with a vengeance in November.

Riiight. Turn to whom? The authors of the second coming of the Great Depression?!?

I don’t think I’ll go to work this morning.

I’m not sure I’ll go to work ever again. I’m not sure any of my colleagues should either.

Why the fuck are we wasting our time???

  – O Ceallaigh
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  1. That’s always astounded me. Let’s say for a moment that global warming is a complete myth. Even then, what do you have to gain by fabricating stories about what would happen? Research money for something that never materializes? Assuming there is such a thing as research money (and having read your past posts, I know that’s a myth too), then why wouldn’t there still be scientists out there trying to push the flat Earth line? (“No, really guys! It’s flat, I tell you. Keep giving us money and we’ll prove it any day now!”) And then there’s the idea that someone could benefit politically from this… Yeah, ’cause politicians don’t have enough on their plate without manufacturing problems that don’t have easy answers.

    On the flipside, what is there to lose by making greener changes? Worst case scenario, people lose a few minutes of their day sorting their recyclables, bike trails spring up all over the place, and I don’t have to replace my car as often since I’m barely using it anyway. Yeah, that sounds like a really lousy place to live to me…

    Oh, and I’ve seen a windfarm. Quirkiest little things. I wouldn’t mind more of them. 🙂

  2. I don’t know if global warming is a myth or not. I’m no scientist by a long shot. However, I do see all the cold wintry weather and think is there really global warming? I do know that man is destroying, or in the process of destroying our environment. I think we are the cause of a lot of weather events because we piss off Mother Nature. 2012 is a myth if you ask me. I think we will go on…just like when 2000 hit and all the worries and fears spread their ugly heads.

  3. pissed off

    you said fuck three times

    proof is in the pudding?

  4. What Nancy said!

    And what Brig said.

    And love, one can only educate folks with a will to learn — and those folks living selfishly have no wish to hear that they are responsible for anyone else — they will shout it down every chance they are given.

  5. Brig –

    what do you have to gain by fabricating stories about what would happen?

    Maybe you should revisit Chicken Little. Of course, the AGW naysayers accuse the scientists of being CL profiteers all the time.

    what is there to lose by making greener changes?

    Only the profits from all the outfits that sell energy-guzzling products. They ain’t happy about it. Why do you think they fund sycophantic panderers like Limbaugh to the hilt?

    I’ve seen a windfarm. Quirkiest little things. I wouldn’t mind more of them.

    Some folks in the hills east of San Francisco thought the same thing, and a forest of windmills went up. Then a few birds went down, and the Audubon Society went to court. The windfarm is now one of the stillest, ugliest, and most useless forests the world has ever seen. Fossil fuel burning is killing us, but no replacement can make headway against the paranoia of the people, fanned (naturally) by those who benefit from keeping the fossil fuels (what’s left of them) burning.

    Thom, 66 gigatons (yeah, that’s gigantic) per year of carbon (mostly as carbon dioxide) shot into the atmosphere by human activities will go a long way towards pissing off Mother Nature. She’s well past the point of screaming at us to wash our hands after we whiz.

    Vanity of vanities, all is vanity, Nancy. But I don’t have to like it.

    Quilly, that “will to learn” line’s been around for at least as long as caning has been banned from the public schools. And what we’ve gotten from it is a political system classified as “the revenge of the C students”. Except those students are getting As now, lest their self-esteem get damaged. The Japanese have no such namby-pamby approach. It’s far more like “learn or else.” Remind me again, is it our auto makers or theirs that are going belly up?

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