Posted by: The Amoeba | April 6, 2009

… And Be Merry …

She: Honey! Why are you dressed like that?

He: Dressed like what? Blue aloha shirt, blue shorts, sandals. Same old same old.

She: That’s totally inappropriate!

He: No, it’s totally in Honolulu.

She: Honolulu’s still in the United States, isn’t it?

He: Just a sec, let me check … nope, no royalists occupying the palace today. I guess it still is.

She: Well, then, today is National Tartan Day. Shouldn’t you be wearing yours?

He: Dear, tar is black, not tan. And I’m not wearing any, if I can help it. Though I might enjoy drinking a nice cold black and tan tonight, if I can survive today’s meetings.

She: But this is about your heritage!

He: I see. You’re asking me to keep clan. Think I’ll keep aloha instead. Mainly ’cause that’s what’s in the closet. Besides.

She: Besides what?

He: We keep talking about Hawai‘ian wear while your legions of fans are still mostly shivering in cold rain and wind, they might declare this National Tar’n’Feather-tan Day. On us.

  – O Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2009 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.



  1. LOL Do we get the day off from work with Tar’N’Feather-tan Day? I vote yes we do. (with pay I might add).

  2. But honey, you would look so cute in a kilt — not to mention all the blog traffic a photo of such would illicit. Nancy wants one, too – -don’t you, Nancy?

  3. OC, I didn’t know it was National Tartan Day, glad I put on my Tartan Boxers, Sorry Quilly No Pictures Being Made Available.

    Being of Scots Lineage about the only Tartan I have that I wear are my Ties and my Scarf in Winter.

    Thom the Tar N’ Feather sounds like a Scot’s Pub, Hmmm if the drivers get to me maybe I can look at opening one of these.

    Quilly ~ Dream on Child

  4. Thom, I’ll write my state legislator suggesting the idea. Don’t hold your breath …

    So, Q, you’re a grownup and speak of “kilt”. Does that mean you wish me dead?

    Actually, Bill, the Tar’n’Feather would have been a tavern in the antebellum South of the US. Invited guests would have been Northerners who dared question the justice and beneficence of slavery. Those fêted may have survived long enough to achieve the sanctuary of the northern side of the Mason-Dixon line. Or they might not.

  5. Just what we needed, blarney and puns, together at last.

  6. Make it a good letter is all I know 🙂

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