1. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear OC
    Happy Birthday to you

    And Many More…………

    Hope you have a great day. Ya don’t look a day over 68

  2. no offence, i hope, but i’ve got to say this…
    i’ve always wondered why birthdays should be any different rom ‘ordinary’ days. adding another figure to the year count? hardly a cause for celebration. surviving another year? hmmm…

    in any case, happy birthday, OC!

  3. Thanks everybody! And take a memo … in two weeks, Quilly gets hers.

    Capsun, welcome, and I hope to be around long enough to learn to respond correctly.

    Lisa, thanks to a work-related all-nighter, I spent most of it aslzzzzzzzzzzz …

    At least you left out the part about the monkey, Thom. And I hope for your sake that the lawyers don’t come calling (see below).

    Polona, if the day weren’t special, the copyright owners of Happy Birthday would actually have to work for a living.

    Nessa, now contemplate the true meaning of “summer vacation”.

    Wise man, Dr. John. No copyright violations for you.

    Jientje, I am hoping to be awake long enough today to find out.

    Melli, do you know Thom? Besides, dirt is always catching up. Reminds me, I need to shower this morning …

    Cherie, I used up all Ireland’s leprechaun credits when Quilly joined the team.

    I’d better not catch you carrying any violin cases on Valentine’s Day, sauerkraut, you keep talkin’ like dat.

    Consciousness will be wonderful, Barbara. I hope.

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