I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told …

Y’all might wish to go over to Quilly’s place today (24 April 2009) and wish her a Happy Birthday. Might distract her from blowing her nose, looking out the window at an unseasonably gray Hawai‘ian day, and channelling prehistoric Viking weather forecasters.

Though she would probably prefer pointers to anti-allergy medications that actually work. So that she can actually wear the lei that she’s been receiving all this week without her having to chase her nose all over town.

This anniversary of the Quill’s entry onto this spherical stage (and her barely-averted fast exit from it) is one of those credit-crisis ones. You know, the ones with the big fat “owe” at the end? No, you’ll have to figure out that bit of information for yourselves, unless Q should choose to do it for you. A colleague of hers did say, however, that whatever it is “is the new 30”.

I’m off to find some hypoallergenic flowers.

Happy Birthday, love.


  1. Thom — huh. I didn’t know you could count!

    Oh, wait! You sent me a really nice card. I guess I shouldn’t be so mean to you (today). Thanks, Thom! 😉

  2. Hug? Cant we give her 50 swats on her butt…isn’t that a birthday tradition? Besides I’ve got a 2X4 just waiting to be used 50 times 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Quills, will come over to your site and wish you a happy one. Thom I’d prefer the East Coast Thing to plaster her nose with Butter as a Birthday wish.

    • Do you Think Thom, (I think I went a bit too far calling our Quilster “Buford” ~ Though I am probably safe, she may have never seen the movie ~ We can hope and have happy thoughts she didn’t)


  4. Cath — thank you.

    Jientje — half a century. sigh

    Thom — you can try.

    Doug — I knew there was a heart in there somewhere!

    Bill — I’ve been swabbing grease on my own nose all day, but it’s loaded with Mentholatum so you might want to forgo it on your toast.

    Thom — softer tissue would help.

    Bill — I know of Mr. Walking Tall. Even Idaho had TV by the time I was a teen.

    Pia — Thank you, but Doug was kinder.

  5. Was TV in Colour yet or still B&W 🙂 , Sorry I couldn’t resist, Good series, hope it doesn’t give you any Ideas with your 2×4, I see Westjet has Seat Sales from Honolulu to Calgary, You and OC should come for Stampede.


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