In A Mellow Tone

Here’s a peek at a trumpet player well known on this blog.  Of course he wouldn’t post it himself, so I had to do it — but leave the comments for him.


  1. The rest of the numbers that the band performed that night may be found here. I was a bit embarrassed about this one, ’cause I was late to the gig (count the heads here), and stepped on stage just in time to do this number. No warmup, nothin’ …

  2. Embarrassed? Why would you feel like that. It was awesome. When I first saw this I thought who the hell are we suppose to be looking for. Then I saw Ala Moana Center and I knew immediately. This was the one from a couple Friday’s ago. Bravo OC. It was excellent 🙂

  3. Wow!!! I enjoyed that!!! I love that kind of music, I knew you played the trumpet, but I had no idea what kind of music you play. This was awesome, warm up or no warm up!!! I have played this three times already, and I will be back for the rest of it later!!
    Thank you Quilly for posting this!

  4. Ohhhhhh I am so GLAD Quilly posted it! I wish I could come watch you guys play live! I LOVE jazz! I just love it!!! Ella loves it too! I’m off to listen to the other ones now!

  5. Fabulous! Glad she said I could dance…because I was already doing a bit of a couch-swing. 😉
    Thanks for giving me a jazzy start to my day.

  6. I am so GLAD Quilly posted this! I love the jazz you guys play and that solo was awesome.
    You talented thang you! Great stuff. Really enjoyed it.

  7. Scha-wing!

    Very excellent. Now I can be mellow for my Friday night. Wonderful solo. I hope you only use that plunger for your music; D

  8. Thanks, everybody!

    Thom, I always think I coulda done betta.

    Quilly does tend to grab your attention, doesn’t she, Cooper?

    Jientje, I play (as an amateur) concert and orchestral pieces as well as this jazz stuff (the Honolulu community band/orchestra scene). Plus I plague a church from time to time.

    The elephant stomp, Melli?

    A couple of the guysngals are pros, JD. No prizes for guessing which ones they are. Some of the others are pros in a slightly different sense (school music teachers). The rest play for fun, and do all sorts of things for a living. The trumpeter two places to my left (the one who hosts the website and posts the videos) is CEO and chief scientist of a coffee company on Hawaii Island (Kona coffee; get some 😉 ).

    Sashay on out there, Shelly. Give some of the others the idea. Not me, though. I’m on stage during dances for a very good reason

    Nessa, I once did an interview with a local cable TV channel (not in Hawaii and before Q’s time) after I’d done a plunger solo. And they asked me that very question. For the record, it was purchased new from a hardware store and has never seen the business end of a bathroom.

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