Dude and Dude: Post Office

“Dude … um … dude? Earth to dude …”

” …. mmmhuh?”

“Dude? Are you using an online dating service or something?”

“What kind of dummy do I look like, dude? You?

“Well then how come you keep muttering ‘female’ under your breath like …”

“For your information, dude, I’m trying to keep you and your strange ideas out of jail by paying our bills.”

“Who are these Bill guys, and what do they have to do with your females? Are you going kinky on me all of a sudden?”

“Argh. Here, dude. Read.”

Place stamp here. The Postal Service will not deliver mail without …

“Yeah. I can’t believe it. Free electronic delivery services everywhere, and these people still insist I send them checks. Using fee mail. Costs you money and takes its sweet time getting there. Sheesh. I oughta tweet ’em.”

“You can’t pay the bills using Twitter!”

“Seems to be doing a pretty damned good job of paying the bills for the likes of Ashton Kutcher. Hell, even OC’s Quilly is trying it.”

“Is it working?”

“Eh. At this rate we might get a cup of joe out of it by Christmas.”

“All right, I won’t give up my day job.”

You have a job?

“Same one I’ve had all along. Chauffeur.”


“Yeah. Driving you crazy. You must like it, you mention it often enough.”



“Go take this fee mail to the mailbox. And try not to get her in trouble?”

  – O Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2009 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.


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