Dude and Dude: Race

“I’m going to the store, dude.”

Gnarly! I’ll race you there!”

“Dude, you need to get help.”

“For why, dude? Something wrong with my skateboard?”

“No, dude, with you. You’re a racist.”

“I’m a what?!?”

“A racist. Every time I try to go somewhere, you want to …”

You’re the one who needs help, dude, if you think I’m that bleepin’ stupid. You think I’m one of those idiots who’s carrying “white man’s country” picket signs at an anti-Obama rally? Huh??”

“Oh, get off it, dude. You know that’s not what I mean.”

“Yeah, dude, you’re mean all right. Mean and nasty. Dude just wants to have fun, and you go calling him names. Sheesh.”

“Alright, alright, already. Oil up the board and let’s go. Just be careful out there, willya? I wouldn’t like it if you had to use up your health insurance.”

What health insurance?”


Another tip of the propeller beanie to Dr. John.

  – O Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2009 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.


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