Posted by: The Amoeba | October 14, 2009

Dude and Dude: And It’s Only October

“Du-UUUDE!! Are you nuts?!?

“Why do you ask, dude?”

Why do I ask, he says. The trade winds have died, dude. There’s not a breath of air anyplace. It’s flippin’ 90 degrees American. In the shade. Why in pluperfect hell are you wearing a fur coat, a fuzzy hat, and mittens?!?

“Well …”

“No way you’re well, dude. We gotta get you to a doc … And why are you carrying around that Chinese frying pan?!?

“I’m just doin’ what the song says, dude!”

What song?”

“They play it at the mall every ten minutes, dude. I can’t believe you missed it!”

“Just tell me already!”

Wokkin’ in a Winter Wonderland, dude. Sheesh.”

“Oh, I get it. A protest song. Very funny. Now will you stop dressing up as the Christmas Creep and get back into aloha wear before I have to drag you to the hospital?

  – O Ceallaigh
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  1. Already? In heathenish California the carols haven’t started yet. Soon, though, I’m sure.

  2. Please tell me they’re not starting carols already?

    In our supermarket, the Santa chocolate’s out and a few other signs of the holidays, like jars of mince. We don’t get carols here until mid-December usually.

  3. hmmm. I was just in Kmart and Foodland yesterday and did not hear xmas music or see xmas goodies. Just the usual halloween stuff.

  4. The Costco in Hawaii Kai has the Christmas stuff out and one of the displays has Christmas music. I’ve not been to the mall lately. I think we’ll leave it that way until after Christmas.

  5. Doug, Susan, Glenda: the following appeared on ESPN’s “TMQ” page yesterday (I quote):

    “I was sitting at a McDonald’s in Honolulu, Hawaii, on September 28, and heard some nice Hawaiian music being played: ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town.'”

    Which is about when some of the student help in training started playing Christmas music in the lab … and the community orchestra trotted out its Christmas standards for rehearsal …

  6. haha! sounds like that page was written by The Amoeba! Was it? After all, you play in a community orchestra.

    • Gigi — Sometimes Amoeba can be hard to follow. The 3rd paragraph was not part of the quote. It was Amoeba’s statement about his student-workers already playing Christmas music, and the fact that the band has started practicing for their Christmas Concerts. The quote was only the second paragraph.

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