No News, Or What Killed The Nation

So – in case you missed it – the American White House has decided that the media entity known in these Untied States as “Fox News” is not really news.

Yes …

That “Fox News” is an engine for making money.

Yes …

That media entities shouldn’t try to copy “Fox News” as if it were a legitimate news organization.

Entities like, say, CNN …

Lessee. What did I find when I last visited CNN?

two soap-opera shootings, half a dozen celebrity reports (two of them obituaries, one for a person, the other for an automobile), a Twitter update, a bull in a china shop supermarket, and (the lead story) a guy who found the Hand of God in his back yard and is selling it on eBay. Yes. Really.

A real, honest-to-true, bona fide news organization, that CNN. Yessireebob.

But what the hell else did you expect?

The American White House acknowledges that Mr. Rupert Murdoch, the owner of “Fox News”, has, quote, a talent for making money. Endquote.

Of what does that talent consist?

Of giving We the People what we are willing to buy.

And what are we willing to buy?

Well, let’s put it this way. If anyone in the “news” actually offered the real news, his viewership would be about the same as Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba’s blog readership. And he’d be eating peanut butter and jam (not “jelly”, please, there are Britons and Australians in the audience, and Jell-O on bread is just disgusting) sandwiches in his tent. Not a future that would meet with Mr. Murdoch’s expectations as a Captain of Industry.

No. We the People are prepared to shell out major dinero, and keep Mr. Murdoch and his ilk in yachts and caviar, for various “Man Bites Dog” stories. And, most especially, for good, solid, noisy, rabble-rousing opinions. The more loudly and confidently presented, the better. Especially if they confirm the opinions that We Ourselves hold. Spoken loudly and confidently and often enough, they become the truth.

Truth_Current_PravdaThe real truth need not apply. ib31-47

It’s getting scary out there, people.

  – O Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2009 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.


  1. i always feel like you are pointing the finger at me
    when you “we the people”

    i do not
    nor have i ever watched fox news!

    good morning america (on ABC) is on my tv!
    (simply because i dont change it after local news)

    and i’ll have you know i yell at GMA
    every morning
    ask shawn

    but seriously
    gma’s news stories are shall we say
    lacking in detail
    the tell you what could be construed as facts
    but theyre so thin, the details are very few and almost no information is given

    so how can they call it news!?
    alot of times they are showing film or video of stuff that hasnt even been confirmed yet
    im thinking most “news” outlets are this way now…

    the boy in the flying saucer!

    • And here I thought that any fingers I was pointing were at the U.S. Constitution (you know, “more perfect Union” and all that), Tilden. A line that’s been attributed to Johnny Carson (“Tonight Show”, pre-Leno) goes, “A person will pay ten times more to be entertained than to be informed”. Is it any wonder that “news”, all “news”, in the (NB) for-profit mass media, has become entertainment?

  2. Interesting! I read something about that on my iGoogle newsreader just a few hours ago.

    I was a CNN girl this summer too; Fox just came across as too… strident? tabloid, I don’t know. Irritated me, is all I stuck around long enough to find out, and the only other choice for checking news ‘whenever’ was CNN.

    Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE is government-funded and is at the same time (I believe) the country’s most popular news source. That never sat quite comfortably with me… the government bankrolling the media… but now I’m not so sure I like the free market alternative either.

    Depressing to think about, considering everything.

    • The BBC and its descendants (CBC, RTE, ABC [Australia], BCNZ, PBS, etc.) represents something entirely remarkable in media, something that I suspect evolved in conscious opposition to the blatant propaganda of e.g. Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, etc. A unit that is funded by government but is, by statute and custom, as independent of government as possible. The US National Science Foundation is about as close an organization to the BBC as the American government possesses, though of course its mission is research sponsorship, not broadcasting (PBS receives precious little government funding). No human activity is free of bias, but, in terms of “news”, I think BBC comes as close as possible. Surely more so than the efforts of these petty “media empires”, whose sole mission is to sell advertising, whatever consequences of those sales might be to the facts of the cases being covered, or the truths that these facts describe.

  3. I don’t do the news from Abroad or Below. I don’t even watch our news all that much. Gone are the Good old days with Walter, Chet, David and of course Edward. Maybe will watch the National News at Bedtime.

    One of our stations is a Crown Corporation run. Sometimes the news is a bit jaded.

    You also have one Canadian in the group that follows ya, and I think we call it Peanut Butter and Jam (I prefer Raspberry) ~ Time to make that Sandwich.

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