Posted by: The Amoeba | October 26, 2009

Bering It All

He: “That bicycle* pedal doesn’t feel good.”

She: “Doesn’t sound good, either.”

He: “No, it doesn’t.”

She: “Sounds like a bearing to me.”

He: “‘Fraid you’re right. Looks like I’ll have to go fishing.”

She: “In the Bering Sea?”

He:Yeah! How did you know?”

She: “Sweetheart, the story of human colonization of the Americas via the land bridge across the Bering Strait is an essential part of the 5th grade curriculum.”

He: “I see. Does that curriculum also discuss the role that the Bering Sea played in the inception of the Industrial Revolution?”

She “I don’t think so …”

He: “Or in the commercialization of striptease? After all, you were in Vegas …”

She: “Certainly not!

* That bicycle, together with Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba, is, as of 0900 HST, 26 October 2009, officially living on borrowed time. Next post.

  – O Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2009 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.


  1. Okay, you got me laughing. What’s next?

    • Gigi, I was inches away from replacing the hood ornament on someone’s car. You may not be amused by the response.

      • Love — I am so glad you did NOT become a hood ornament. Please take extra special care of whatever lives you have left just in case you’re down to your last one!


  2. can you see russia from your house, too?

    • Kitty, those Russian house jokes palin comparison to ours. “Russia?” “Why, what’s your hurry?”

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