Posted by: The Amoeba | November 18, 2009

Dude and Dude: Like Un Friends

“Like wow, dude. I wonder what the prize was.”

“Prize for what, dude?”

“For winning the New Word of the Year Award, dude!”

“They’re giving out awards for new words? Who is?”

“The, um, New Oxford American Dictionary, says here.”

“Somebody’s sales projections are down, I see. So what’s the word?”


“That’s a new word? I don’t think so, dude. Tolkien used it in his writings, like, three decades ago. And it says here that the word was first used in Scotland in like 1275 CE.”

“Tolkien, schmolkien, dude. Facebook’s where it’s at these days. Some dude gets obnoxious, and you wanna kick him outa your space, you click a button and unfriend him. It’s new, and it’s gnarly.”

“I thought that was defriend, dude, not unfriend.”

“But, dude, I want to have a D friend.”

“Only if she comes by it naturally, dude. And she doesn’t keep her personality where you appear to be keeping your brains.”

“Dude, that’s unfriendly!

“Go ahead, dude. You think you can push that button faster than I can, you got another think coming!”



  – O Ceallaigh
Copyright © 2009 Felloffatruck Publications. All wrongs deplored.
All opinions are mine as a private citizen.



  1. Love this. Big fan of the dialogu-blog in general. Check out my tongue-twister convo for similar.


    • Greetings and thanks, third spear carrier from the left. May your roles be fat and the egos and pomposities of your directors less so.

  2. hey, you’re right! it IS supposed to be “defriend”

    • Will relationship jealousies be the end of Facebook, Davis?

  3. You can understand, I think, why the professional descendants of those who combed all of English literature to compile an inclusive dictionary might be enamored of technology. That said, it does seem like nowadays they only recognize a new word’s worth if they see it online. If next year’s new word of the day is “ur” as in “ur a vapid id1ot,” then I will want to burn something or someone.

    • Just flame ’em, Dawg, they’ll get the message and you won’t be in shackles on a charge of arson.

  4. When it comes to FB, I unfriend mySELF!

    • Can’t say the same for myself, Melli, on account of because amoebae have never oozed into Facebook and don’t intend to start now.

  5. What a not-so-nice choice for word of the year.

    Also, I’m with Doug.

  6. Well, Susan, Mac Dude is with both of you. PC Dude, I fear, is too busy ogling (faked) pictures online.

  7. Bunk I say. Facebook rules the new Merriam Webster…bah! What are we becoming?

    • A deleted text message in the cell phone of God, I fear, Thom.

  8. When we get to heaven we may find that God clicked the unfriend button beside our names in the book of life …?

    • No, no, God’s love is unconditional, eh? Jesus, on the other hand (Revelation 3:5; 21:27) …

  9. Quilly, I believe that salvation is eternal. So I don’t think God will unfriend us. That said, I’m pretty sure he’s displeased with mankind’s choices…like picking this word.

    • Mom, I’ve always wondered how the concept of eternal salvation and the person of Jeremiah could possibly have gotten tangled up in the same book. Sooner or later, there’s a seventy-eighth time …

  10. […] “Unfriendly. Look, dude, we did that already.” […]

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