Who Killed The Pelicans?

Oil on pelicanHundreds of Thousands of Americans are being kept from their Right to Pursue Happiness and make a Living due to the negligence and criminality of BP. … Screw dem … and the Pelicans echo my sentiments.

– Run-of-the-mill online comment on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

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Last time Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba looked, BP was a company. It does all it does as a company, takes its risks, pushes the limits of its technologies, to respond to the demand for petroleum products. Including gasoline.

Yesterday, I drove the car 100 miles.

The reason is immaterial.

Guilty as charged.

And as a human being you are the whole world psychologically. You are not separate from the man who is suffering, anxious, lonely in India, or in America. So you are the world, and the world is you.
          – Jiddu Krishnamurti

  – O Ceallaigh
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  1. Yes, I find it disturbing to hear the trial by media that insists the “govt” should force BP to behave like a “person”. BP, as a company, has to be concerned about their image and bottom line which translates to being concerned about the spill. I would submit that there are many individuals who work for BP who care deeply about the environmental tragedy being played out. But, BP IS a company, responsible to its shareholders. It is not a person, and to expect it to ‘behave’ otherwise is foolishness on our part and on the media’s part.

    Our culture of blame drives us into, through, and out of these messes. To-wit:

    It must be SOMEONE’S FAULT that we don’t have enough gas to drive everywhere we want at a reasonable price.

    It must be SOMEONE’S FAULT that we can’t ensure such drilling is done without spills.

    It must be SOMEONE’S FAULT that it isn’t getting cleaned up fast enough and thoroughly enough.

    And this culture of blame, including the Atty General speaking darkly about criminal investigations, means that getting to the truth of the matter and hopefully averting any similar disaster in the future, will be very difficult.

    In the Air Force, when a plane crashes, we do an accident investigation which statutorily is protected from criminal charges. The reasoning is that if make it a witch hunt, the truth will be obscured and further crashes in the same airframe are likely. An AI can come out with the cause being “pilot error” but it is not a CRIMINAL assessment. If the pilot survived, he/she may face a Flying Evaluation Board as to fitness to continuing flying, but it is not criminal. If the plane design is at fault, we need to know that so we can have the engineers go back to the drawing board. And, by the way, before a plane rolls out, they do lots and lots of testing out where no one gets harmed (except on occasion, the pilots who choose to do that work). I guess we can’t ‘test run’ drill rigs?

    • Excellent points, Mom. One hassle, though. In the eyes of the law, a corporation is a person, and has always been one. This is so that the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune can be aimed at the mortal body (corpus, from whence incorporated) of the business, and not at the mortal bodies of the persons who formed the business. Nowadays, should Microsoft go bust, Bill Gates would walk away with his personal fortune – before corporations, Gates would be eating Spam with the rest of us after the creditors got through with his hide.

      The media blitz, however, has less to do with behavior patterns arising from the definition of “corporation” than (and this is my point) the behavior patterns arising from the persons who use the corporation’s products. Including the products of the media corporations. Which corporations fully understand that the “news” that makes money is spelled G – O – S – S – I – P. Truth Is Opinion. Ignorance Is Strength. An enterprise that actually tries to deal in facts is an enterprise that has filed for Chapter 11. Which is why schools are jettisoning teachers, and those who remain are dealing with class sizes only slightly smaller than the population of Port-au-Prince, while the media stars glitter as they walk.

      Your comments on the culture of blame are spot on. If We the People would only apply the practices of the Air Force to the medical profession, Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba might actually be able to afford to visit the physician.

  2. Instead of trying to place blame, everyone involved should try to get together and try to find a solution to the problem first. Then when the problem is dealt with deal with trying to find blame.

  3. I blame BP. But I also blame all of us as well, for loving petro. But we were taught to love it, use it, etc. BP is in this game for money, and so now they need to pay.

    Good post. Well written with excellent points made.

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