Posted by: The Amoeba | June 27, 2010

Microfiction Monday #37

Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba doesn’t usually do memes. He mourns the disappearance of Grûndir the Implacable, Ringwraith and Dispatcher of Pestiferous Memes, whom, once upon a time, he could call upon at need. Sadly, it appears that his former master has forsaken supremacy in MiddleEarth for a menial post as Court Jester in the Lucasian Galactic Empire.

But for one who has shared the colony with YFNA and Quilly, and absorbed bread with them, exceptions may be made. Especially when YFNA is fatally tempted by this week’s prompt:

Look, I know the name ‘Disney’ won’t mean anything to him, but pitch our story to your Hans anyway? Please? It’ll be big, I’m tellin’ you …

Bonus version:

No, dearie, we don’t get seasick. But our way won’t work for you. Trust me on this.

Should you wish to know more about Microfiction Monday, and even play along, visit Susan here.

Me? Again? No promises.

  – O Ceallaigh
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  1. It will be big, hope Hans picks it up and runs with it straight to Disney.
    Very nice.

    • I think it’s a safe bet, Peggy. Thanks.

  2. This is a great one for the day and how fun to see you here, Amoeba! I’m one of the “Susan” crew and I had hoped to meet you and Quilly while Susan and Thom were here, but maybe another time. Give Quilly a hug for me, hope she’s feeling better!!


    • Quilly feels much better, thanks, Sylvia. Sorry we missed you this time around, but hey, it’s not like you live on the other side of the continent.

  3. Well welcome to the club LOL Anyone of them related to Seinfeld by chance? LOL Great story 🙂

    • Seinfeld would probably rather they weren’t related to him, Thom. After they’ve turned legal age, anyhow.

  4. Go on Hans, you know this wil be soooo big! Loved it. Have a wonderful week.

    • He’ll be needing something more upbeat after slogging through the little match girl story, Ellie.

  5. You know, you might have been the influence on me going all ‘marine’ lately, with that big fish and now this one. I love what you did with it. I mean, me? Understand about trying to pitch a story when no one else will see how darned great it is? Naaah…

    • Gee, Susan, you sound like a writer … 😉

  6. Mermaids? I don’t know if they’d sell in Nebraska. I went for another kind of sensory feast.140 Story

    • Sushi with mermaid a week old, John? Maybe in Nebraska …

  7. Like a new level of fractured fairytale! Mine, by contrast, is now looking way too romantically serious!

    • Each one to the most favored level of excess, Gemma. 😉

  8. Hold out for Warner Brothers!
    (And I like the seasick angle too (-: )

  9. Enjoyed both, but the first was the best.

  10. If Disney won’t take it maybe Pixar will – it definitely has possibilities.

    • Well, jabblog, since they have adjoining mansions, I’m sure they’ll work something out.

  11. Love it! Get that contract any way you can. I had to think a bit to connect Hans to the mermaids. Very clever!

    • Thanks, Pat. I had to think that the sailing vessel and the Victorian costume was about Andersen’s vintage.

  12. Even Mickey’s laughing at this one! Great take!


    • Ah, Sparkle, if only the ghost of Walt would deign to notice …

  13. Disney is so 20th century. Try Pixar!

    • Give ’em time, Mom, give ’em time …

  14. Hmm, I think Disney already has a mermaid show (or maybe it’s Nickelodeon). Thanks for the chuckle!

    • But, Janel, what do you think the backstory was, hmmm? 😉

  15. These were wonderful. I especially loved your second one!

    • Jillien, do I detect the sentiments of one who rapidly acquires a (cough) sufficiency of boats and boating?

  16. BOth were good, I enjoyed the Disney on best. I wonder if Walt is Spinning in his Grave with what they did to his Studio. Welcome to Susan’s MfM

    • I doubt he’d be too terribly unhappy, Bill. Except for all the credit (and wages) he’d have to give his Imagineers these days – instead of the Golden Years (pre-strike) when they worked for glory and dirt.

  17. Do not fear the storm sweet lady. Come frolic with us in the churning seas and we’ll wash all your troubles away.

    • I believe that’s what the knife was there for, Karen …

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