Dude and Dude: D.Y.A.C.

Dude and Dude are two (maybe) twentysomething virtual slackers, whose real names have been forgotten even by themselves as they face Life, the Universe, and the nightly set-your-watch-by-them arguments of the da Silvas on the second floor. They are lazy, obnoxious, obsessed with sex (though the closest they get to an actual date is the annual swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated), and almost impossible to tell apart except for their choices of technology. They would be even more outrageous, were it not for their fear that O Ceallaigh, their literary agent, will use the delete key on them if sufficiently provoked. Of course, they can’t agree whether the delete key combination in question is command-X (Mac OS) or control-X (Windows).

Dude and Dude first started dude-ing each other way back in March of 2006, and currently hold forth on their very own Dude and Dude website, along with Reg and Syd, TSA Jack, and (forthcoming) Screwtape III.

To read their latest, go to this page. Here’s an excerpt …

*      *      *      *      *      *      

“What the hell you gigglin’ about, dude?”

“Gigglin’? Me? Don’t think so, dude.”

“Well, stop it anyways, dude. How’m I s’pposed to complete this Black Ops mission if you keep messin’ up my concentration?

“I told you, dude, it ain’t me!

“Well, who, then?”

“Well, who d’ya think? If it ain’t you or me, it’s gotta be Quilly or OC. Ain’t nobody else ’round here, unless you got some ghosts you ain’t been tellin’ me about. An’ OC just got a new phone. …

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