Reg and Syd: Staying The Course

Reg (Reginald) and Syd (Sydney) are two (ahem) virtual gentlemen of means who currently live, work, and plot in a selection of choice locations in the American Pacific Northwest. Reg has thoroughly embraced his role as a 21st century captain of industry, and embodies the epigram made famous by the likes of Salvor Hardin and Warren Buffett: “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing the right thing” – or, at least, doing what he well pleases. Syd is a little less secure; he’s prepared to ask questions, but not to take actions, especially if they should risk his fortune or Reg’s disapproval.

Reg and Syd first quaffed fine wines in October 2009, and currently hold forth at the Dude and Dude website.

To read their latest, go to this page. Here’s an excerpt

*      *      *      *      *      *      

“Reg, you’re positively beaming!

“And why shouldn’t I, Syd? The news lately has been excellent.”

“Even in Washington?”

Especially in Washington. Those legislators we paid for are staying the course nicely.”

“Yes. I’m hearing quite a bit about their proposed cuts to NOAA.”

“From whom? One of those people working at that dilapidated dive they call a university marine biology station? I’m astounded that either our legislators or you are wasting any time at all on this chicken feed. Get rid of the whole agency. Put paid to those global warming nuts once and for all, and let’s see some real progress.”

“They do say they’re trying to protect jobs …”

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