The Sense of Sensible Nonsense

A little while ago, Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba came across yet another of those “feel-good” kind of messages that are all over the internet these days. Perhaps trying to drown out all the people who are virtually screaming at each other.

This particular message proclaimed things like “I am strong because I am weak, I am beautiful because I know my flaws”, yadayada. The kind of thing that’s supposed to make sense because it doesn’t make sense. Probably making cents for somebody in the process. ka-CHING!

YFNA long ago gave up the idea of making either sense or cents in this space. But that doesn’t stop him from wishing to peek at the backside of that “strong because I’m weak” picture. Folk hear this stuff often enough, there must be something to it, somewhere …

Yes, yes, YFNA knows all about the Scythians. The ones that cut out a cynic’s eyes to improve his vision. He’s read Ambrose Bierce too. The Scythians are welcome to try.

Instructions for removing the eyes from an amoeba.

1. Find eyes …

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