He and She: Roswell Barbie

OC (“He”) and Quilly (“She”) are taking a vacation from Hawai‘i – yes, yes, we know, we know – and are spending some time back on our other island home, in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

He and She are in a cabin in the woods. Washing machines are in an outbuilding several dozen yards away. It is early one fine weekday morning, and He has just entered the cabin with a basket of freshly-cleaned clothes …

She: “Laundry?”

He: “Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea to march the clothes to the washing machines before they marched off themselves. Either to the laundry or away from it. Either way, we wind up naked. Not a positive outcome.”

She:Especially in this climate! Brrrrr! But I didn’t hear you leave with the laundry basket.”

He: “Hm? I thought you were awake. Where were you?”

She: “You won’t believe it.”

He: “You weren’t off making eggs Benedict for guerrilla gorillas again?”

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 7.18.14 PMShe: “No. I was playing with Ken and Barbie space aliens. In their flying saucer!”

He: “[…] And they took this lying down?”

She:Exactly! They were wandering around outside their spaceship, which looked just like a white Frisbee, but when they saw me coming, they just lay down and were still! So I picked them up and put them in my dollhouse with my Ken and Barbie dolls, and put the Frisbee in the closet!

“Well, it wasn’t long before I heard this commotion in the dollhouse. The aliens were trying to talk with the dolls, and were arguing with each other, and I finally heard the Barbie tell the Ken, ‘We’ve got to get out of here before we wind up comatose like these two!'”

He: “I wonder if the Mattel factory has a section called ‘Kansas’.”

She: “I don’t think they issue dogs named Toto, either. So, they ran off. I ran after them. And when they saw me coming, they fell over just like before. But this time when I picked them up, they spoke to me.”

He: “Plan 9 from outer space? When playing dead doesn’t work?”

She: ‘You’re not taking us back to that nuthouse’, they said. ‘We’re trying to get home!’

“‘I’m not stopping you’, I said. ‘Yes you are’, they talked back. ‘You have got our spaceship!’

“‘Do not.’

“‘Do so. It’s in your closet.’

“‘What, the Frisbee?’


“So I went back and got the pink Frisbee, and …”

He: “The white Frisbee, you said.”

She: “Well, when I went back into the house and got it, it was pink. Go figure. Anyway, I returned it to them, they got in it and flew off. But they didn’t get far before bang! Someone or something shot them down. They bailed out and came back to Earth – with parachutes. And they came up to me and demanded, ‘Now how are you going to get us home?!?'”

He: “And what did you do then?”

She: “I woke up.”

He: “Naturally. And that’s when you noticed that the clothes basket was missing.”

She: “No. That’s when I went back to sleep. And dreamed the same dream all over again!

He: “Doesn’t sound like the instant replay did them any good.”

She: “Or me!

He: “Yeah, there’s that. But there is a good thing about this repeater dream.”

She: “What’s that?”

He: “You left me out of it! For a change!

One comment

  1. Hahaha! I did leave you out of it. Usually you are the perpetrator of the strange things in my dreams.

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