Concert-ed Effort

O’Ceallaigh is playing concert after concert after concert. Tis the season, after all. On Saturday the band I’m forbidden to name performed their Christmas concert in the outdoor gazebo at Mililani Town Center. On Sunday OC played in church, performed with the Oahu Civic Orchestra at Windward Mall and played in a brass ensemble which accompanied the Kapiolani Chorale Choir in performing a Christmas Cantata. Then tonight the Oahu Civic Orchestra played again at a retirement center.

Here are pictures from the Windward Mall performance. Sorry, no video. I just bought the camera and haven’t read that far in the operator’s manual.

No pictures from tonight’s performance because I did not attend. I had planned to spend the weekend making stockings, but all my time was taken by OC’s concerts (although I did sneak away for a bit at Windward Mall and buy my lovely new Canon PowerShot A560 — which so far I like quite muchly)!


  1. Indeed it TIS the season! And I bet this is part of what MAKES the season for OC! And I know you wouldn’t miss a performance for the world… how fun!

  2. Melli — I do plan to miss a few. I have my own schedule to keep and despite how our blog might sound, we can each function without the other — we just usually choose not to.

    Nessa — mhmm, doubly hectic …..

    Polona — so far I am happy — and my co-teacher told me she purchased an A620 for her mother for Christmas, and is now wishing she’d chosen the more compact A560.

  3. Btw — those two pictures above were taken from pretty much the same spot. The only things that changed between photo one and photo two was me taking two steps to the side and flicking the zoom lens on my camera. I love how clear the shots come out!

  4. Dorky Dad — concerts are a lot of work for the family members of the performers, too! There’s the “Where’s my music? Where’s my mute bag? What time is it? Where are the directions? Are we there yet?” hysteria — and then after the concert the real stress starts when one has to commiserate with all the missed cues and bad notes — except from the audience it all sounded great and looked flawless.

  5. Nice pics….is a mall in Hawaii the same as everyplace else? My hubby and kids went out to see if they could see the meteor shower…it is 7 degrees outside!!!! They all bundled up, took hot chocolate and drove outside the city.

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