O Ceallaigh

O Ceallaigh: I’m a research marine biologist/oceanographer specializing on the microbes in the sea. My screen name is the original Gaelic form of my real surname.


  1. How neat! I have been trying to research the Gaelic name O Ceallaigh as that is my sweetie’s original name also! His Aunt did the family history and supposedly his family is 54 times removed from royalty! She researched it all the way back to something like 540 AD.

  2. When my daughter was seven someone asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up, and she looked them square in the eye and said, A marine biologist.

    She has always had a “thing” for anything that can be found in a tide pool…..

  3. I came here from Quilly’s based on your name; I’m supposedly descended on one branch from David O Ceallaigh who was a servant to Edward Sturgis in 1635 in Sandwich, Plymouth Colony.

    • Dimple, I suspect many of David’s descendants still live in Plymouth County; they might have anglicized their surnames (to some form of Kelly) as most O Ceallaighs have done. If there were connections between the earliest European settlers of New England USA and my own ancestors, these links have been forgotten.

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