I believe in approaching life with humor. I mean, there’s no point in taking it too seriously, it’s not like we’re going to get out alive. So step inside and prepare to laugh…


  1. That’s such an incredible way of looking at life. While I know the outcome, I never thought of it quite that way

    And you might have separate boxes of tissues now but you’re still the romance of the blogosphere

  2. Pia — you couldn’t tell it by our hits!

    Kim — I hae been Quilldancer for 11 years now — it was the name/email I chose to use for my online writer’s group, so while the name does have to do with writing, it doesn’t have to do with calligraphy.

  3. Kim — if Google didn’t help, allow me. A quill was the first ink pen. Ink pens are used for writing — or they were before the advent of computers. I use a quill to choreograph stories, scenes and ideas. I am a quill dancer.

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