Christmas Concert

One of the bands OC plays in performed one of their four Christmas Concerts at Honolulu Hale for the City Lights celebration. Here’s a video clip of the band playing and perhaps 1/100th of the huge Christmas display. More photos to follow. Stay tuned for when and where (we have many blogs!).


  1. Suffer the weather for me, and Merry Christmas to you both. In case I don’t get back around until then.

    Thanks for the concert. Nice going OC.

    Beginning to look a lot like Christmas? In Hawaii?

    Sure. 😉

  2. Polona — lately it’s been too warm! Wish the trade winds would blow!

    Cooper — Christmas in Hawaii is palm trees in lights and Santas in fur suits and the emergency room ….

    Bazza — glad you enjoyed it. There’s more where that came from on the Oahu blog.

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