Posted by: Quilly | November 29, 2007


Would it surprise you to hear me confess that I am a nurturer? If you’ve been reading my blogs very long, probably not. I nourish hearts, minds and bodies. OC likes my coddling. He enjoys being cooked for, waited on and fussed over. (Note: I said he enjoys it, not he expects it.)

Right now my eyes feel as though they had been deep-fried and rolled in sand. My hair hurts. Slimy yellow stuff expels from my lungs when I cough. My nose is running, and OC says I may have a slight fever.

So, what happens when the nurturer gets sick? Well, much to my delight and joy, I find the nurturer is nurtured. I was told not to prepare dinner last night — however I’d already prepared a roast for the oven so I just popped it in and let OC take it from there when he got home. After dinner I was cuddled on the couch, then later tucked into bed and cuddled there, too — despite my tossing and turning. During the early hours of the a.m., after I’d trashed the bed and tossed all the covers on the floor, OC patiently got up, put the bed back together and wrapped me in a heavy fleece blanket. (It is 70F in here and I am shivering.)

My body feels pretty bad, but my heart feels grand.



  1. another proof he’s a keeper.
    and get well soon!

  2. (((((Quill)))))

    Feel better soon.

    I’m glad OC is keeping you comfortable.

  3. Polona — sometimes I marvel that this wonderful man loves me!

    Brian — thanks for the hug. I hope you didn’t pick up any of my germs.

  4. It’s ok Quill. The sniffer beagles wouldn’t let me off the plane in Honolulu, thus the cyber hugs. 🙂

  5. Well that’s good! Because bodies heal so much faster than hearts do! And I’m sO glad that OC knows how to give, as well as receive! *nods*

  6. Brian — what is it the dogs claim you are carrying? Hmmmm….

    Melli — he is wonderful.

  7. […] First: Nurturing […]

  8. Get well soon!

  9. Of course everyone knows that you are a nurturer. But it does NOT surprise me at all that OC would nurture you right back. The man’s in love.

  10. Awww.

    And on the flip side, please tell OC to ignore the angry email he gets from my husband when I print out this post, hand it to him, and say, “Try this.” He won’t really be angry, but he will want to know why someone he’s never met is making him look bad. 😉

  11. Mumma — thanks — I’m off to work today.

    TLP — I’m in love back!

    Brig — OC has always been an overachiever.

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